Transportation in Vail, CO

Getting around town is a piece of cake with the vail bus route. That's right: West Vail to East Vail is covered by a small network of bus routes, featuring transportation through the Village, past the golf courses and up to Sandstone. For complete details, take a look at the official bus routes page.


Planning your ride is easy! First, consider what area you'll be traveling within (West, East or to the Golf Course). Then, consult the online tables to determine the best locations you can be picked up and dropped off at. If you're new to the area or unfamiliar with the listed street names, try calling the 24-hour Bus Info service at 970-477-3456. We suggest you store this number with a town map beforehand to ensure you don’t get lost.


Our guests staying in the Beaver Creek and Avon areas may be glad to know a second set of bus routes can get them into Vail. These are run by Eagle County's ECO Transit program, which charges a small fee each way. Take a look at their website for more information, and be sure you plan for specific times: busses may only go east or west in the morning compared to the evening. The ECO Transit number is 970-328-3520.


While public transportation can require a little extra planning, the benefits of not having to drive (especially in winter!) and a weight off your back if you need to get equipment across town makes Vail's free bus service well worth a try.


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